Beauty Is Subjective

Here's how I know that a person's beauty is on the inside, not the outside.

I was grocery shopping today, and I saw this magically beautiful woman: long, red, wavy hair, shapely, etc. Passed her a couple of times, and there was no denying it. But then, as I leave the grocery store, I saw her driving by taking hits off a can of whipped cream. And struggling with it too, like the whipped cream wouldn't come out like she wanted.

Granted, I can't judge if she was chugging Readi-Whip because of an inner self-loathing or because she thinks it's cool. I don't think I care. And it's not like I expect a certain etiquette in women I see driving out of the grocery store. It's just that this girl's outer beauty was not consistent with the inside because the inside was full of whipped cream and high on whatever gas they put in those cannisters.

Also, she might live in my building. I'm pretty sure I saw the same car in my parking lot.

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chris said...

dude i wish i could find a chick that did whip-its. you don't understand how hot that is.