The First Time I Didn't See Fireworks

July 4th, 2006 is the first July 4th I saw no fireworks. I realized this year what I've almost realized many years before: I don't really like fireworks. So around 8:30, I decided I would not watch the fireworks this year, and it was good. I hope you all enjoyed your fireworks. I know I enjoyed my episode of Six Feet Under followed by sleep.


ElfMom said...

No fireworks for me either. Last summer we got a new bridge over our river. REALLY big deal. Longest one of it's kind in North America, all that jazz. Had the biggest fireworks display in US for 2005, choreographed to music played on the radio. Visible all over the city. I love fireworks, but none can ever compare to these, so I didn't bother.

Christine said...

I didn't go either. 9:20 hit and I realized that 1) sleep would be preferable and 2) Fireworks aren't all that exciting.

Goodspeed female called from wherever y'all were at and called me though, but apparently you were not present for that.


mrs. r said...

I missed as well, mostly because I was dead tired, I really do like fireworks, but I also had to work in the morning.

j said...

The fireworks were great! Next time, you should come over, Ben!